The 21st century is truly a wonderful time to be alive. Sometimes it is not %uncommon to feel like we live in a future that was once only written about. Looking around us every once in a while and seeing the mind-blowing capabilities of our phones and laptops to name a couple, makes us sometimes ponder on whether we are at times traveling way too fast. No doubt our lives have been made that much easier considering how we can now send an urgent work e-mail, book a restaurant for dinner later that same evening, check up on your bestie overseas while also purchasing that headset you always wanted, all while snacking on your way somewhere else.

If you have not heard of the concept of a ‘smart-home’ before, now might be a good time to get used to the idea. Although it sounds like something worthy of a Bond movie (in fact many movies have featured such homes), it is no longer a luxury reserved for the rich and famous. There are options to suit a range of budgets so here are some ways a smart home can help you!

  • COOK SMARTER: As anybody who has had to cook for a sudden party or large group has realised, juggling knives, pots, pans, gas and a conversation all at the same time is not only frazzling but also downright dangerous. And at other times, you simply cannot leave the pot unwatched or leave the stove open so how will you let your guest in through the locked door? This is where a smart home can save you, by opening the doors automatically for you with just one command or by turning off the pot automatically; all you need is a smartphone or tablet with an app fitted onto the wall for ease of use.
  • SAVE WATER AND POWER: Despite our best efforts, water and electricity are wasted on a daily basis. If for instance you were to implement a smart system in your bathroom, you will find that not only are you enjoying a futuristic bathing experience, but also saving a ton on your bills. With a single command, you can turn off the taps and lights, or turn off the temperature when necessary. If you are forgetful and tend to leave the lights on in every room once you leave, you can pre-programme them to automatically turn off within 10 seconds for example. Conserve your money, conserve the environment.
  • PARTY HUB: Since smart homes made their way into our world, home entertaining took on a whole new meaning. Hooking up speakers and screens with music and movies is no longer as messy and time-consuming as it used to be. By pre-programming the lights you can turn them down low for movie time or have the speakers automatically adjust its volume when necessary. You can also fix up different lights for a part atmosphere that you can arrange to come on when it is time for dancing all with the help of just an app.

Do not be put off by the concept if money is your concern. In some small way, you can make a smart addition to your home and no longer have to pause that movie in the middle to get the door or turn off the stove.