Automated technology has been in our homes for decades from flicking a LED light switch to advanced home security systems. The concept has history and goes as far back to the 1930’s where the home of the future was unveiled in a world’s fair in Chicago. In the recent years the automated home has slowly converted into a smart home, thanks to the broadband internet, sensors and connectivity. The modern smart home system in Dubai can do more than open a door with a remote control – it can actually think and respond to a simple command.

Why you need a smart home system

The first impression we receive about the smart home systems is that they appear as a luxury system for modern homes. In all honesty, there are many systems connected to devices that allow a step by step process.

The smart home system integrates electrical devices in a house with each other. The methods engaged in smart home systems in Dubai include those in building automation as well as the control of domestic activities, such as home entertainment system, security system, lighting control system, and temperature controlling systems. Devices are linked through a home network to allow control and access by a personal computer, and allow remote access from the internet.

From the integration of information technologies with the surroundings of your home, systems and appliances can communicate in a cohesive manner which consequences in energy efficiency, convenience, and safety benefits. In due course, a truly smart home will know who you are, where you are and what you want, all without us having to say or ask anything.

What can I benefit from a smart home system?

It’s great on Savings: Linked devices such as smart sprinklers, learning thermostats, Wi-Fi enabled lights, electricity monitoring outlets and water heating units reduce energy and water use.

Its amazingly Convenient: Its programmed to have your alarm go off every morning and make coffee just the way you like it, have your living room lights turn on as you arrive home from work, let the TV select movies of your favorite genre and the door open as you walk in with a bagful of groceries. It is amazingly convenient and is the ultimate luxury in the comfort of your own home. What’s more? Smart locks allow you to grant access to your family at different times, so you do not have to duplicate keys and worry about losing them. Then of course the sensor always reminds you when your fridge runs out of milk, and the WI-FI enabled doorbell is able to let you answer your door from anywhere in Dubai.

You have 100% Control: The smart home giving you absolute control over many things inside your house. From your fridges to ovens, to window bolts and garage doors, these can be controlled distantly via apps on your smartphones and tablets. This allows you to control your appliances as you wish, when you are not even home. If you forgot to switch off the oven before heading off to pick your toddler from Pre School , or check on the elderly living at home while you are away at work- a smart home system gives you 100% assurance and control over daily worries.

It guarantees Security & Safety: There are many modest, linked security solutions for your smart home in Dubai that are economical substitutes to constantly monitored security systems. Connected motion sensors Wi-Fi-enabled cameras, and smart smoke alarms can all be monitored from inside or outside your home via email, text alerts or even live video feeds. Smart sensors are programmed to detect humidity levels, water leaks, carbon monoxide, motion, heat and any environmental distress imaginable to help prevent minor accidents from turning into major disasters because they can communicate with you, wherever you are.