No matter where you go and what comforts you have, there is ‘no place like home’ at the end of the day. This is so true, it’s not only in the movies, ‘home is where the heart is’. Our homes are one of the many places, that we tolerate today, with its lack of technology and advancement, as opposed to our offices. Our offices and cars are advanced than a decade ago, and if technology fails us at any given point, we become angry and will not tolerate it! We’re busy people after all.

As most of you go about switching lights, televisions, computers and other appliances off and drawing those tall curtains with a lot of effort, every day, it seems like technology has failed us in our own homes. Have you not allowed it in is the question.

You might think that a home automation system is for the likes of the rich and famous, and it was way beyond your reach, well you’re wrong. Home automation is no longer installed in the most luxurious houses and mansions, they also have the flexibility to come into your very normal sub-urban lair!

We find that today, there are many homeowners who are forming a relationship and familiarizing themselves with smart home technology that was previously considered too technical and expensive to install in a regular home. We found that smart homes are really becoming a game changer for many homes in Dubai as they opt for our home automation systems, at Legrand.

We look at some of the Smart Home systems that are often considered as ‘ too expensive or luxurious ’ including lighting scenes, multi-room audio, temperature control and security. You can get all these features without the need to spend big.

Lighting Control – With just a touch of a button, you can control, dim and zone your lighting to suit your lifestyle and your home.  So whether you’re reading, cooking, dining, entertaining or just relaxing on the sofa with a cup of coffee, you can dim the lights automatically, in specific areas of your home to suit your mood. Lighting Control is also a great way of saving energy, as well, so you can save money in the long run. The really smart element of lighting control is that the brightness can be adjusted throughout the house according to the time of day.

Sound diffusion –  You will like to enjoy some relaxing music after a hard day at work, just to unwind, a stereo sound system is a sound investment. Users of our sound system can select and control sound so that high quality sound may be sent to several rooms at the same time. Thanks to the various available audio/video mixer, it will be possible to choose between mono and multichannel systems.

Smart Home Multimedia – With this smart home systems you can enjoy your television show uninterrupted. Our home multimedia network will distribute audio and video around the house as well as access to computer and telephone networks wherever needed.  Custom-made living scenarios are spread throughout the home and can be programmed according to your mood using a touch screen. And one click is all it takes to access the channels and dim the lights. Now who’s making the popcorn?

Security – Our The burglar alarm system will protect your home and deter intruders with the presence of ambiances and perimeters. The system is composed by a flush-mounted central unit with integrated dialer, IR detectors and perimeter sensors. All the devices are interconnected. If someone tries to break in, it sends you an alert!