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How to choose a surge protector? | Legrand United Arab Emirates

How to choose a surge protector?

Geographical location of the building, presence or not of a lightning protection system, type of network line, possible public or equipment in presence, many are the criteria to take into account when choosing a surge protector and its associated protection.


Understanding the keraunic level

Depending on the region in which it is located, the building or the dwelling in which you intervene is more or less exposed to lightning strikes. The keraunic level, i.e. the number of times that thunder has been heard in the year, is the first element to take into account.




Asking the right questions


1) Is the building equipped with a lightning protection system (lightning conductor...)?


If yes, choose the lightning arrester among this offer* according to the level of protection in place, whatever the keraunic level concerned:





2) Do you have no information at all?


Choosing the protection to be associated with the surge protector


As an active product whose components wear out over time, the surge protector must itself be protected against short circuits at the end of its life. If it does not already include a protection, it must be associated with a dedicated circuit breaker.






Legrand's advantage

The lightning arrester ref. 0 039 51 already integrates its own protection. It can be installed directly downstream of the subscriber circuit breaker without associating a dedicated protection:

- Time saving during installation

- Easier maintenance and increased safety

- A single status report to monitor the status of the cassettes and the integrated disconnector





Legrand's advice

- Provide for a protected lightning arrester for the switchboard and a telephone arrester for each house.

- Put in place a proximity protection for sensitive devices (computers, electronics).



* References with "(Iscxx kA)" include a short circuit protection (it is not necessary to associate an external protection)

1 : If Isc > 25 kA, then use the recommended surge protector without the integrated Isc protection, and choose an external associated protection with an adapted Isc capacity

2 : If Isc > 10 kA, choose a T2 Imax 20 kA surge protector

3 : If Isc > 6 kA, choose a similar arrester, but with Isc 10 kA (0 039 5x to 0 039 7x)