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Mallia Senses | Legrand United Arab Emirates

A breath of lightness

Absolutely pure, without artifice, the Mallia Senses range displays its modernity. Viewed from the front or in profile, its minimalism and lightness capture the eye.


A breath of elegance

Unleash your creativity.

Compose an interior that suits you with the Mallia Senses palette. Each element is available in three textures and seven colours. Want to give a touch of sparkle to your interior? Brushed Aluminium or Dark Bronze is a great choice. But what if you prefer a perfect integration? Try Dark Silver or Champagne. Mallia Senses switches and sockets are the answer. Your home, your choice.


A breath of simplicity

The simplicity you’ve been waiting for, without compromise. The Mallia Senses range is as easy to install as it is to use: control your lights with a gentle caress adapt your lighting according to your needs charge any device offer your guests a warm welcome and effortless control of their comfort