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Mosaic™ | Legrand United Arab Emirates


Mosaic™: a new design and major innovations for all your projects

Mosaic has been revamped to offer even greater modularity and versatility. A wall-mounted and off-wall system which is more modular, more connected, even more robust and quick to install.

Mosaic™: a redesigned line

Mosaic, the iconic & contemporary range, has been redesigned to respond to current building trends. However, Mosaic retains the features that have ensured its longevity and success: its format, its compatibility & its brilliant white colour.

Mosaic™: an unrivaled functional richness

Mosaic, with more than 250 functions, offers a wide variety of solutions: lighting, comfort and safety, multistandard connection, network , including the connected offer Mosaic with Netatmo. The scalable & modular range meets all needs in terms of connectivity, dimensions, cabling capacity and finishes.