Smart Home Systems in Dubai

When high-tech smart home systems Dubai bring life to the convergence of all the intelligent systems in the home.


Why Opt for Legrand’s Smart Home Systems in Dubai?

Legrand believes in making homes smarter and more secure. Our smart home systems in Dubai give you the ability to control your home’s lighting, security, appliances, thermostat and many other devices; and that too from anywhere! Turn off the lights or the thermostat of your house while you are at work using your cell phone or maybe you can use your tablet to receive real time video coverage from your house’s security camera.

Whether you are at home or you are on the go, our smart home systems in Dubai give you the opportunity to control your house from any nook or corner of the world!

Benefits of Legrand’s Smart Home Systems in Dubai

Still wondering what makes our smart home systems in Dubai the most demanded and reliable ones? Being the leader in the industry with thousands of satisfied customers, Legrand proudly calls itself the pioneer of smart home systems in Dubai. Our smart systems come with multiple benefits; as they are multipurpose and easily customized as per each customer’s individual requirements.

To give you an overview, following are some benefits of our smart home systems in Dubai:

– Easily manage the energy consumption of your house and reduce your energy bills by always being in control regardless of your location.

– You can control your home entertainment systems with your mobile phone or your tablet, with just a touch, a swipe or even your voice.

– You can answer your door from any phone in your house.

– You can even program your locks to automatically unlock at certain intervals or you can unlock the doors with your cell phone.

– Receive notifications such as text messages, emails and security camera footages when people enter your house or exits your house.

It’s Easy! It’s Affordable! Go for Our Smart Home Systems in Dubai and Automate Your Entire House!

Long gone are the days when hi-tech smart home systems in Dubai were a fantasy. Legrand has brought the dream to life. Today, Legrand gives you the opportunity to make the switch and start enjoying an automated home in an affordable and easy manger. Installation and maintenance is our job…all you need to do is to opt for making your home smarter.

Fully Equipped Smart Home Systems in Dubai

The My Home system by Legrand offers a complete integrated home automation solution with a unique design for individual homes and condominiums. The system is based on bus and radio technology, which makes subsequent installation upgrades easier. Different users interfaces allow to automate and centralize individual functions, such as lighting, roller shutters and thermostats.



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