Structured Cabling System

Welcome to Legrand – The Leader in Structured Cabling System in Dubai

Legrand is a full-service structured cabling system company specializing in providing LCS2, LCS2 copper, LCS2 fiber optic, LCS2 enclosures and LCS2 workstations. We have been in the industry for years, providing our exceptional products and services to some of the most esteemed companies in the regions.

Structured Cabling System for All Purposes

At Legrand, we highly believe in providing top of the line structured cabling systems for our clients’ needs. Our structured cabling systems easily integrate into our other solutions such as cabling accessories, cabling management and DLP trunking systems.

Types of Structured Cabling Systems Offered by Legrand

With years of excellence in manufacturing and supplying high quality structured cabling systems, Legrand has developed products and solutions for any individual or business alike. Following are some of our most prized offerings:


Our newly introduced LCS2 comes with a 25 years guarantee are coherent entities to optimize performance of systems. The LCS2 is ideal for copper cables as well for optical fiber cables.

Following are the different models of the LCS2:

– LCS2 cat. 6A (up to 500 MHz)
– LCS2 cat. 6 (up to 250 MHz)
– LCS2 cat. 5e (up to 100 MHz)

In addition, our LCS2 easily integrate with other Legrand products and solutions such as DLP Trunking system, cable management, cabling accessories and others.

LCS2 Copper – A Complete Structured Cabling System!

LCS2 copper is a complete structured cabling system with up to 10 Gbits/s to get the perfect connection within seconds. RJ 45 connector is the actual part that boosts the performance of this system to get you a smooth connection from the patch panel to the RJ 45. To ensure consistency of all the LCS2 cat. 6a, ca.6 and cat. 5e systems, following are the 4 twisted pair of cables we offer:


LCS2 Fiber Optic:

Highly accessible and easy to coil structured cabling system…

Our new LCS2 fiber optic drawer is easier to install and maintain compared to other structured cabling systems. The special reinforcements end stop inclined at 30o for total accessibility, facilitate opening and closing, and coil the fibers by the built-in coiling accessories.

LCS2 Enclosures – Structured Cabling System for Optimized Management of Cables of Patch Cords

Our all new LCS2 racks allow complete cable management for optimizing the performance of your network along with providing customization flexibility from the system design stage to any future amendments.

LCS2 Server Enclosures is meant to give you complete accessibility and control via rooftop pre-cuts, doors, panels.

LCS2 wall-mounting cabinets are created to be fitted anywhere for maintaining the appearance of the area. Flexible cable entries and the side panels make it easier to install it in relatively less time and maintain it in relatively less cost.



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