How would you like to have the convenience of being able to switch off light bulbs or electrical equipment in your home from basically anywhere in the world? Or to know immediately if there are any intruders in your house? Or control the temperature or lighting in your home just by a simple touch on your mobile phone?

With smart home systems, this is not impossible anymore. As denoted by the word, it’s a ‘smart’ system.

A network
Smart homes use a network of technologically advanced automatic temperature control, lighting, security and multimedia systems. They are ‘smart’ thanks to the intricate computer system which has the capability of monitoring virtually every aspect of home living, every nook and cranny of the house, even when the residents are at work or away on longer periods such as on vacation. The entire house is monitored through a seamlessly integrated computer system.

It’s a system where most or all of the electronic equipment in a home are interlinked and can thus ‘communicate’ with each other and perform their functions automatically as has been pre-programmed into the system. For example, the air-conditioner will turn itself on when the house reaches a certain temperature which has been fed into the system. The lighting system will ‘decide’ when they should be switched on, depending on the level of illumination around the house. Isn’t that rather intelligent?

The many benefits

In fact, smart home security systems have been proven to do a better job when it comes to preventing intrusions and home invasions than security systems which need to be set manually.

They have proven to be beneficial for senior citizens as well as they can programme the system to fulfil their requirements, send reminders and alerts and ‘perform’ other functions which the seniors may sometimes forget, giving them much-valued independence.

One of the biggest advantages of a smart home system is energy efficiency and energy conservation. They regulate the usage of light, monitor heating and cooling equipment, and ensure that appliances are on only when someone is actually using them. These, in turn, lead to saving a lot of money for the owners and protection of the environment which has invaluable benefits. Although most people believe that these systems are very expensive and beyond the reach of the ordinary masses, the initial cost will be redeemed many times over in the long term due to savings a homeowner would make in the immediate present and in the future.

Energy efficiency

The safety and security of your house as well as the wastage of energy would be controlled and optimised by a smart home system, which would save you a lot in terms of sleepless nights as well as unnecessary amounts of money wasted on paying electricity and utility bills. A smart home system would help you take the first step towards being an eco-warrior.

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