The blistering heat during the day in Dubai can literally cause your brains to melt like ice cream! We had many of our customers tell us that they felt like their homes are ovens. While this may sound amusing to you as a reader, it’s a different ball game if you live in countries that are susceptible to heat waves and scorching temperatures most of the time.

Well, in our case, we could not let this problem slide, and it’s not a secret that we are obsessed with the weather pattern in Dubai, where else will you be told to "take cover from the sand storm" or " this weather is perfect, I can’t bear to go back to the cold, rainy weather back home!". Is your home overstuffed with insulation?, it’s likely that you’re getting cooked in your own home and is a health hazard, but with the new ‘smart home‘ technology, we can make your home a cozy and comfortable place it once was in a cost effective manner.

At Legrand, our home automation systems are designed with the focus on providing a high level of comfort whilst using as little energy as possible for heating and cooling your home. With many of our homeowners, opting for glass walls, large sliding glass doors, glass French windows, managing the temperature throughout your home needs to be properly considered not just in terms of heating, but a way to keep your home cool when the temperatures soar. Glass houses are great, but come the hot months and you will be suffering.

So we put together a few ideas on how to keep your home cool using some of the home automation technology that we have to offer. Some of your homes will require little or more effort than others.

Turn off the lights and appliances in the home – One of our most popular smart home systems is the energy-efficient lighting control system, that ensures there is just the right amount of light when and where you need it. They are reliable and easy to use, provide safety and security, reduce expenses and are code compliant sustainable and environmentally friendly. We offer two types of solutions to ensure that your lighting management project saves energy and helps the environment.

Keep the blinds closed – If you don’t have roller shutters, there are still ways to keep the sun out of your home. Keep the drapes and curtains closed during the day. If you have motorized blinds or curtains, the smart home system can control these automatically depending on the weather and time of day.

Keep windows and ventilation outlets open in a strategic way – Surely you want to fling open every window to allow the cool breeze to circulate through the house. But don’t be too hasty, while this gives only temporary relief, as its very hot outside and all you’re doing is letting the hot air into the house. So think smart, and only open the windows where there is shade.

Install a temperature control system – Our temperature control system can manage the temperature in the different zones in your home, using a touch screen, multimedia touch screen and a video display. You can decide the temperature of each individual room based on its use and the time of day. This system takes into account the heat produced by the sun.

If you want to find out more about intelligent heating and cooling in your home, talk to us and discover the benefits that await you in a Legrand smart home.