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What is the function of an Uninterruptible Power Supply? | Legrand United Arab Emirates

What is the function of an Uninterruptible Power Supply?

An Uninterruptible Power Supply is an electrical device that stores and redistributes energy:

  • it provides battery backup when the mains power supply fails, thus ensuring continuity of service
  • it stabilizes the electrical voltage and eliminates electrical interference, thus ensuring power quality

Legrand Uninterruptible Power Supply Offer Answers to Specific Needs

Keor DC

  • Ideal for modems, WiFi routers, video game consoles, Voice over Internet Protocol calls, etc.
  • Keor DC is a very compact and easy to install range that provides 30 minutes of autonomy.

Keor PDU

  • Ideal for modems/ routers/ switches and Voice Data Image applications.
  • Keor PDU is specifically designed for installation in 19 inch panels and racks.

Keor SP/ Keor SPX

  • Ideal for cash registers, Closed Circuit Television, cameras, desktop personal computer, etc.
  • Keor SP and Keor SPX offer the best performance with solutions from 600 up to 2,000 Voltampere.
  • With Keor SP, you can connect the Uninterruptible Power Supply to a Personal Computer via the Universal Serial Bus port in order to monitor its operations.

Choosing the Uninterruptible Power Supply Best Suited to Your Needs

Two steps are to be followed:

  • calculate the power required for the installation
  • choose the right technology for the installation