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Full IP solutions for residential complexes | Legrand United Arab Emirates


The high-performances system offer

FULL-IP SYSTEM BTicino is the ideal solution for large residential complexes with numerous apartments. The use of UTP and fibre optic cables to connect all the devices guarantees performance and high signal quality.

Main performance and functions

Excellent performance, no limits! no limits: extension and distance (using optical fibre), riser columns, number of switchboards multichannel: for more conversations at the same time (no busy lines) High-definition video quality 800x480 lines Technology Full-IP, SIP/TCP protocol, H.264 video format, LINUX 2.6.32 OS Cabling Cat. 5 + RJ 45 (with dedicated network)

Additional security functions to complement the Door Entry System

Alarm detector management, management centre Home Automation functions The new touch screen internal unit can work like a real burglar-alarm unit. In fact it can manage up to 8 intruder and technical alarms.