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Cablofil wiremesh cable trays | Legrand United Arab Emirates

Cablofil wiremesh cable trays

More than 40 years ago, Cablofil invented the wire cable tray concept and introduced it to the European market. Cablofil's success is the result of continuous innovation and the ability of the wire cable tray to adapt to any application. Since then Legrand's Cablofil has become a leader in cable management management worldwide, with more than 200,000 km of tray installed globally.


A comprehensive range for maximum flexibility

The Cablofil global solutions offer for steel wire cable trays (and accessories) is one of the most complete offers on the market.

It offers genuinely flexible cable management, making it possible to create multiple configurations in a vast array of finishes for optimum integration in any environment.


Racks and cooling

A safe, high-performance and cost-effective system

The patented safety edge (T-joint system which is kinder to the hands) and special mechanical design of Cablofil solutions (span of 2 metres) allow cables to be carried and managed efficiently, cost-effectively and easily scaled up.

The 90% open structure of the cable trays makes it easier to visually inspect and maintain the cables, guarantees minimum cable temperature rise and minimises retention of dust or water: this ensures a higher safety level, substantial savings on operating costs and faster, more efficient cleaning of installations.


Quick, easy installation

The Cablofil offer includes solutions with quick fixing systems which save time during installation:

  •  Autoclic: fast coupling solution without nuts and bolts
  •  Fasclic: pre-coupled cable tray

Faslock auto, a toolless accessory, makes it simplicity itself to create bends: you can create changes of direction on site without the need for a special tool!

Installing wiremesh solutions is also made easier by the complete range of support systems: wall brackets, suspension brackets, hangers, Strut rails, etc.


Resistant, lasting solutions

Cablofil cable trays resist corrosion thanks to a number of possible surface treatments: there’s a solution for every environment!

Available in different finishes EZ, EZ+, GC, 316 L and 304 L stainless steel, they are certified E30/E90 and conform to standards IEC 61 537, ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) and DNV (Det Norske Veritas, approved for offshore platforms and ships).

Documents related to Cablofil

Cablofil Catalog
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Cable Trays for Industrial Infraestructures
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Brochure FASCLIC+
pdf5.46 MB
Cable management in Data Center
pdf1 MB
Accesories for wiremesh Cable Trays
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Technical Guide Cablofil
pdf2.11 MB
Guide for Tunnels
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Brochure rail strut
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