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Mallia Senses™ with Netatmo | Legrand United Arab Emirates

A perfect match for every interior

Mallia™ Senses with Netatmo is part of Legrand's ELIOT program dedicated to developing sustainable connected solutions that are easy to use and maintain, accessible for everybody and customisable to the users’ needs, desires and habits. To enhance the value of any home and make everyday life just that little bit more comfortable and secure. With Mallia™ Senses, you have the choice of a complete range of solutions to meet all your needs. From a standard solution to a connected home, with Mallia Senses with Netatmo, colors, finishes and various functionalities to fit any interior. A breath of elegance and a breath of freedom for all.


Your home, simply connected

Easily integrate all the connected products in your installation: connected wired products and connected wireless products are paired by tapping them on the wired products or by using the Home + Control App. All these products communicate with one another via a Zigbee radio signal emitted by the Gateway.


Standalone or connected, a single look

Designed to blend in

The switches and sockets blend in with all elements of the Mallia™ Senses range. Their common features – form and style – create perfect harmony. Its palette of finishes for each style - Matt White, Matt Black and Dark Silver - adapts to all styles and matches the colors of Mallia™ Senses.


Your home obeys your touch

Upgrade your comfort

With Mallia™ Senses with Netatmo, all your home comforts will obey your touch and voice, whether individually or together. Simply control lights, roller blinds and any device plugged into a connected electrical socket via your smartphone. Ideal for switching on your home's exterior lighting from your car.


Tell your home what you want

Talk to your voice assistant

Control your home with your voice using your favorite assistant, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Siri. For a gentle wake-up or a muted atmosphere, command your voice assistant to adjust the lighting intensity to 50%. Ready to go? Simply say three words, “Activate away scene”, to turn off all the lights and close all the roller blinds at once.


Control your home, wherever you are

Legrand's Home + Control App is free and available on the App Store and Google Play, for mobile and tablet. In your absence, give access to your connected home to your family or friends via the Home + Control app. The app also allows you to simulate your presence when you’re away by controlling your connected devices individually or all at once. You can even customize Legrand scenarios and create your own weekly schedules, manage your energy consumption...


Your home knows your habits

The "Away" command switches off all the lights and closes all the roller blinds or the curtains at once. When you return, activate the "Home" command with one touch to switch on your connected lights in the entrance hall and living room. Put your home to sleep and wake it up with the same simplicity. From your bed, activate the "Sleep" scenario to switch off the lights and close the roller blinds. and more...


And schedule automatic actions

Schedule repeating actions to run automatically every day or every week, with the Home + Control App. For example, program the opening of the roller blinds at a fixed time every weekday. Leave weekends in manual mode. Or automate your outdoor lighting to greet you when you return home from work.


Keep in touch

  • You are automatically alerted in the event of an anomaly – a power cut at a socket outlet or lights that have remained on – on your smartphone, wherever you are.

  • Track the power consumption of each connected outlet and optimize your energy expenses.


Adapt your installation to meet your changing needs

Free to change your mind: You can add or move the wireless lighting control without rewiring or damaging the walls. 

Easily integrate all your devices in your installation: Wireless switches such as lighting controls, roller blind controls or scene controls can be paired by tapping them on the wired products, or by using the Home + Control App.

Open and interoperable: Your Mallia™ Senses with Netatmo installation is interoperable with the market’s IoT protocols. This openness enables you to add third-party products, such as a thermostat or an alarm.


Smart Home Solution

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