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Data Center Solutions | Legrand United Arab Emirates

A dedicated, relevant and reliable offer

Durable integrated solutions for an infrastructure which can be relied on to perform all circumstances. It is now time to empower your data center with our cutting-edge, highly customizable solutions designed for maximum performance and efficiency.

legrand data center solutions

The Legrand Group, your reliable partner

Benefit from the data center skills and the digital infrastructure expertise of an innovation-driven leading company to reach high performance levels: Combining relevance and reliability, our dedicated data centre solutions allow you to satisfy the most demanding requirements, particularly in terms of cooling, power, availability, or even security.

Answers to specific requirements


To cut the energy consumption and running costs of architectures


To maintain a continuous electrical and digital power supply to infrastructures


To provide the required server room flexibility


For optimum protection of people, equipment, and data

Our solutions

grey space data center

Data Centers Grey Space

Refers to the space where back-end equipment is located. 

data center white space

Data Centers White Space

Specifically allocated for IT equipment and infrastructure.



A wide range of server and network racks, switching and routing racks, co-location racks and integration racks.

Racks & cooling

High-performance cooling solutions offering optimum cooling in all circumstances

Micro Data Center

Micro Data Center

Highly efficient all-in-one micro data center solutions offering a complete and compact server room.

Structured cabling

Structured cabling

Solutions for easy creation of all possible data center optical fiber structures and copper solutions in complete freedom.

Power distribution

For distributing power in cabinets, remote measurement and control, encrypting data, Legrand offer includes hundreds of configurations of 230 V and 415 V models. 



Detection, control and protection solutions for optimum security in all circumstances.



A full range of three-phase UPS offering wide-ranging functionality simply and safely.

Busbars & Transformers

A complete range of modular busbar systems, transformers and capacitor banks for a safe and structured alternative to conventional wiring.

Cable Management

Cable Management

Ever more innovative solutions for managing cables in an effective, scalable and economical way.


Legrand Data Center Solutions

Our Data Center solutions offer has been structured around four major objectives which allow us to provide an optimum response t

Solutions for all data centers

big sized data center

Big sized data centers

There are large data centers in which different entities can rent servers or space to install their own equipment. The security requirement in these data centers is especially high.

Small & medium sized data centers

There are also small data centers meeting the needs of small and medium-sized companies. The management of this type of data centre is still largely handled internally, but is increasingly being outsourced with the onset of cloud computing.

datacenters brochure pdf


Discover our Data Center Solutions catalog in PDF version



In-Row Cooling Solutions

In-Row Cooling Solutions

High Performance Computing Solution

High Performance Computing Solution

Legrand Keor XPE

Legrand Keor XPE


Data Center Services

Legrand supports you at every stage of your project, giving you the benefit of their technical expertise and know-how to help save you time.

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energy efficiency legrand solutions

Energy Efficiency in Data Centers

Data centers consume vast quantities of energy. Discover Legrand solutions for a more energy efficient data center.


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Our projects

Legrand has solutions for any kind of project. Discover here details about Legrand's reference projects related to all markets: hotels, data centers, hospitals, residential and more.


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