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What type of electrical installation for each space? | Legrand United Arab Emirates

What type of electrical installation for each space?

Different power distribution solutions exist to meet all space configurations and any aesthetic requirements of the customer.

Through the wall, the ceiling or the floor, the possibilities are numerous.

Distribute power through the wall: moldings, baseboards, trunking, cable guides and conduits.

What are the benefits of Legrand Solutions?

  • DLPlus mouldings and skirting boards: easy renovation, various fixing methods (with or without central partition for cable separation), a range of associated surface mounted devices offering multiple functions.
  • DLP S mouldings: a complete range to cover most of the needs in renovation, a special adaptor allowing to welcome Forix wiring devices while ensuring a perfect aesthetic.
  • DLP trunking: a wide choice of solutions in PVC or aluminum, easy installation thanks to solutions with flexible covers and various finishing accessories, quick integration of the different ranges of devices.
  • Cable guides: clever products to quickly fix a cable to a wall without damaging it, the ideal solution for renovation in all environments thanks to a foam structure to compensate for the irregularities of a wall without damaging it.
  • Conduits: buried, bendable or rigid, Legrand conduits can be used indoors or outdoors. They are flame retardant and can be used for all types of building site applications in the home, commercial and industrial sectors. There is a solution for all types of partition: drywall, masonry, metal frame.

Distribute power through the floor: technical floors, prefabricated ducts and cable trays.

What are the benefits of Legrand Solutions?

  • Soluflex floor system: a 3 in 1 solution (technical floor, cabling system and connection technique), the Soluflex system can be combined with floor boxes, Legrand switchgear and LCS³ solutions as required.
  • Electrak prefabricated ducts: a simple solution to supply workstations. The quick connect system simplifies installation and the connectors allow for quick powering of floor boxes, desk blocks, pedestals and other access points.
  • Cablofil cable trays: with a wire structure, they facilitate the insertion of cables at all points of the installation; easily accessible, they facilitate maintenance operations.

Distributing power through the ceiling: cable trays and cable ladders.

What are the benefits of Legrand Solutions?

  • Cablofil cable tray: this is the most certified of the Legrand range (E30/ E90 according to DIN 4102 - 12 and CSIRO). It meets the various laboratory tests and normative requirements (UL, IEC EN 61537).
  • P31 sheet metal cable trays: robust and certified products, they combine ingenuity, quality, excellence and fire resistance.
  • Cable ladders: they are extremely robust and can withstand heavy loads of up to 100 kilogram per meter for a span of 6 meter. They can carry a very large number of cables: an ideal solution for large construction sites.

Available in standard or customized versions, Legrand's offer provides real freedom of routing, allowing numerous configurations.


Making power available: floor boxes, columns, pedestals and recessed solutions for offices and furniture.

What are the benefits of Legrand Solutions?

  • With Mosaic™ floor boxes, you benefit from great modularity and real user comfort. They adapt to all work spaces, are suitable for all floor coverings and easily evolve along with the building. Mosaic™ floor boxes are composable, the assurance of precisely meeting the specific needs of your worksites and adapting if necessary the installation as your worksites progress. Mosaic Mosaic™ floor boxes are available in standard or flush versions, in plastic, stainless steel metal or brass metal finishes.
  • Aesthetically pleasing, functional and adjustable, the columns and pedestals meet all needs in terms of connectivity, size, wiring capacity or even finishes. All electrical functions in high and low current are ideally integrated.
  • Discreet, design and ergonomic, Incara™ furniture solutions offer great comfort of use with innovative solutions guaranteeing a significant connection speed for mobile equipment, computers, cell phones, audio and video systems.