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"We had obviously heard of Legrand Datacenter Solutions and Minkels before"

When Luxembourg's National Internet Exchange Point LU CIX needed a new rack infrastructure at the start of 2020 to respond to the increase in activities, it quickly turned to Legrand Datacenter Solutions and the new Nexpand range from the brand Minkels. An interview with Michel Lanners, Chief Information Officer Luxembourg Internet Exchange.

LU CIX project

LU CIX project

2021 in Battembourg, Luxembourg

In order to respond to demand and maintain a premium quality of service, Luxembourg Internet Exchange six Points of Presence in Luxembourg must adapt. At the start of this year, the organization's Executive Board decided to reinforce the Battembourg datacenter's capacities by scheduling the installation of a private cage. All that was left to do was choose the right partner for the job. Michel Lanners "When it comes to choosing equipment, we we are not just going to go off a catalogue or a website, however well put together they were. You could say that is somewhat of a paradox for an organization that works in digital technology. It was crucial to see the cabinet, to touch it, handle it, get an idea of the volume, the mass, the material, the quality. Before making our decision, we arranged a configuration session at Legrand in February 2020. Lasting more than four hours, we met with their experts, who presented the Nexpand cabinets.

The solution

The solution

We were able to hold a discussion, exchange ideas and challenge these ideas to ultimately determine the solution that would fit us best. We inspected everything in great detail: the resistance of the shelves, the opening and closing of the doors, the adjustment of the vertical supports. If needed, a cabinet must be able to be reconfigured easily.

Nexpand cabinets

Nexpand cabinets

Nexpand is Legrand's premium configure to order cabinet platform for the datacenter market. It offers a highly configurable design with ready to ship parts that provide shorter delivery times and faster deployment. The cabinet is constructed with a lightweight solid aluminum frame, a 3,500 lbs static load capacity, and aluminum extrusions, ensuring that it will stand the test of time.


Nexpand Legrand

Top of Cabinet

It is more than just a product that has brought us together.

Michel Lanners
Luxembourg Internet Exchange Chief Information Officer
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