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Reception Areas | Legrand United Arab Emirates

Discover Our Solutions for Reception Areas

With people constantly on the move, reception areas are increasingly used as a temporary workspace. Legrand's end to end solutions for integration of power, communications and Audio Visual allow you to turn any space into a functional workspace. Power and data connections can be provided through floor boxes, cable columns or trunking systems. Manageable WiFi access points and charging stations for mobile devices ensure that people stay connected.

Lighting Management

Putting a stop to energy waste, by delivering just the right lighting, exactly where it is needed. Legrand’s lighting management solutions provide an appropriate and dependable response for office buildings. Legrand offers standalone or networked solutions to control passageways (corridors, stairwells, etc.) work areas (offices, meeting rooms) or the entire lighting system for a specific area or building.

Access Control

In office buildings, protection is required for the main entrance and any sensitive areas. Legrand supplies an easy to use, low maintenance access control system offering high levels of performance and upgradeability. It accepts up to 500 users in standalone mode and 10,000 users in centralised mode. The supervision software manages different groups of users (employees, visitors, cleaners, etc.) and records the number of users entering/ exiting the building/restricted access area.

Floor Boxes and Mini Columns

Flexible solutions for routing mains voltage and extra low voltage as close as possible to the users. Floor boxes can be quickly integrated into concrete and raised access floors. They are available ready equipped or empty for custom configuration. Mini columns are installed discreetly under the desk to provide power within easy reach. Floor boxes and mini columns both accept wiring accessories complying with different international standards (British, German, etc.).

Active Building Manager

The active building manager is a unique system with dedicated supervision software that easily communicates with an HVAC system or a global BMS. It controls lighting management and emergency lighting systems and reports the status of fire alarms.