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Programme ELIOT by Legrand for Connected Solutions

Product video
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In 2015, Legrand introduced Eliot, a program to accelerate the adoption of its Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. This initiative has brought the benefits of connected devices to millions of Legrand users, including individuals and professionals, who now enjoy a connected lifestyle daily. Eliot's support has fostered the development of numerous innovative related solutions while enabling the constant exploration of new services and features through dynamic interoperability. As a result, Legrand's offerings have reached a global scale, enhancing the overall experience for its users and leaving a lasting impact.   #legrandimprovinglives #legrandgulfcountries #eliot #connected @smartsolutions #safety #comfort #energymanagement #independent #living

Connected solutions, smarthome, residential, wiring devices, switches

Mallia Senses with Netatmo (tutorial video

Tutorial video
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Mallia Senses with Netatmo is the connected range of Mallia Senses range of wiring devices from Legrand. Easily integrate all the connected products in your installation: • Connected wired products. • Connected wireless products are paired by tapping them on the wired products or by using the Home + Control App. Watch the tutorial video to learn more. #legrand #improvinglives #legrandgulfcountries #smarthome #homesystems #homeautomation #connectedhomes